Navigate Success Through Career Counselling at The University of Bolton

At the University of Bolton, we encourage students to explore career options that align with their skills, interests, previous education, and career goals. Career counselling is one of the ways to go about it. 

Career counselling is immensely beneficial for students in the long run as it provides the necessary guidance and support to make informed decisions about their career decisions. 

The University of Bolton has a super responsive counselling team that assists you with all your career-related queries at all times. 

Keep reading to find out the contact details of professional counsellors at the University of Bolton.




  1. Assessing strengths and weaknesses: A career counselor can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and match them with career options that align with their talents and interests.
  1. Understanding career paths: Counseling introduces students to various career paths and offers a glimpse into job prospects as well as the qualifications required for each one. This can lay out a clear map for students who still need to decide about their majors or career goals. 
  1. Providing mentorship: A career counselor can serve as a mentor for students, providing guidance and support throughout their careers.
  1. Boosting confidence: By providing reassurance and positive feedback, career counseling can help boost students’ confidence in themselves and their career aspirations.

How can you connect with the counsellors at the University of Bolton?


Tel: +971 56 625 2795
Tel: +92 310 2722127